It is my pleasure to write this letter of commendation on behalf of Jim Williamson, James A. Williamson Construction. Jim was the general contractor for my remodeling project. I had no prior relationship with Jim. The scope of the remodeling involved taking a 10 year old log home from approximately 1,215 square feet to 3,000 square feet. Jim converted the existing built-up area under the main home to a master bedroom suite approximately 1,700 square feet. They installed new electrical; HVAC; plumbing; new custom log details; fire place with stonework; custom made cabinetry; staining all cabinets and doors; painting the entire interior and staining the exterior of the home; install new deck and stairway; replaced existing windows and installed new windows; custom framing, drywall and tile work in the shower; concrete footings and stairs. In the main floor, removed existing kitchen and bathroom tile counter tops and back splash; replaced with new granite counter tops throughout.

While major remodeling is inherently stressful for almost any homeowner, Jim’s services as a general contractor were invaluable, and I’m extremely pleased with the final result. Specifically, I would give Jim top marks in the following areas:

  1. Quality of work performed. The quality of work done was consistently top notch. Jim used subcontractors who were knowledgeable, skilled, and competent in their respective trades. They were conscientious about following project specifications.
  2. Quality of work crews. The workmen whom Jim utilized were professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful of my property and privacy. They had an old school work ethic, good work habits, strong safety orientation, and emphasized getting the job done right rather than doing it fast. Their pride in their work was evident. They tidied up at the end of each workday. I also found them to be trustworthy, I felt comfortable with allowing them access inside our home.
  3. Project management and coordination. Jim’s prior experience working in construction really paid off. He was knowledgeable about all aspects of our project, and was able to plan, coordinate and manage the activities of different work crews effectively. He remained closely involved in overseeing the project from start to finish. His excellent attention to detail, strong organizational skills and commitment to follow-through are assets which enabled him to juggle the extensive details involved in our project without missing a beat. Jim’s familiarity with building codes and dealing with building and safety also facilitated a smooth and hassle-free process when it came to building permits and inspection.
  4. Integrity and professionalism. Throughout the project, I was impressed with Jim’s commitment to generating a top quality product. When situations arose where extra work needed to be done (because of hidden problems that were not apparent until work on the house had commenced), Jim either (if it was relatively minor) took care of it without charging me extra, or (if it was more extensive) involved me in an informed decision making process.
  5. Effective communication. Jim kept me closely informed of work crew schedules, delivery dates, and projected completion dates of different phases of our project. His communication (whether by cell phone or email) was always clear, informative, and helpful. He was either available on his cell phone, or returned my call.
  6. Responsiveness to homeowner’s needs and concerns. Jim’s commitment to my satisfaction was evident in his actions. On the few occasions when I brought a request or concern to his attention, he listened attentively, and always took appropriate action that demonstrated responsiveness to my needs or concerns.
  7. Value. Although Jim’s prices were not the lowest, I’m absolutely convinced that he delivered the best value (in terms of the work done) for the price. You pay for what you get and in construction, when you pay more, it doesn’t always get you more. In Jim’s case, there’s no doubt you pay for what you get.
  8. Sensitivity to worksite appearance and neighbor relations. Jim’s placement of construction materials and equipment was based not solely on function and convenience, but showed a consideration for the aesthetics of the worksite. The work crew parked their vehicles in ways that were minimally disruptive to the neighborhood and their conduct never caused any discomfort to our neighbors. During this project, there was not one single neighbor complaint! Instead, three different neighbors passed on compliments about the work crews (e.g., “those guys really work hard”).

In closing, I am very pleased with the final product which Jim was instrumental in delivering, and I am extremely impressed with his work as a general contractor. In a world where shoddy workmanship and poor service are unfortunately all too common, Jim is indeed a rare find. I have been a homeowner for over 40 years, and I took this unprecedented step of writing this letter of commendation for Jim because I believe that exceptional work should be recognized. I would not hesitate to hire Jim again, or to recommend him to my friends and neighbors. I recommend Jim Williamson to you most enthusiastically, and without any reservations. If you have any questions about my experience with Jim, please contact Jim and he will put you in touch with me.

Michael D.
Lake Forest Drive
Twin Peaks, CA
A very satisfied homeowner
April 2019

My wife Ann and I hired Jim two years ago to build us a trex deck at our home in Crestline. The job went perfectly. Recently it was time to do a remodel on the inside of our home. The only man we called was Jim Williamson. Again, the job went perfectly. Jim guided us, proposed excellent suggestions, and did everything he said he was going to do in the time frame he promised. We could not have asked for any better treatment from a contractor. A big reward for Ann and I, which we shared with Jim, was when our family came up to Crestline to see the finished project. The smiles on the faces of our kids and son in law was very rewarding. Jim, thanks to you and the sub contractors for doing a great job.

John and Ann MacEachern
Manhattan Beach, Ca

My wife and I just completed an extensive remodel on our lakefront home at Lake Arrowhead. We interviewed several contractors and selected Jim. Referrals from previous clients, inspecting jobs he has done in the past and most importantly getting to know Jim during the interview process was all we needed to make our selection. In hindsight we couldn’t have made a better choice.

Jim’s knowledge of the business as well as his connections with local sub-contractors proved invaluable. He has the best sub-contractors in the business and has a relationship with them second to none. He brought them in on time and on budget. His coordination and management skills are exemplary. He was always at least one step ahead of everything and managed to keep us on track.

His own crew proved to be very dependable and professional. They were very careful with our belongings and furniture, a matter of great concern for us, as we make our Arrowhead home a full time residence. Needless to say living through a whole house remodel is not fun. However Jim and his crew managed to keep us clean and out of harm’s way!

In addition to the above, Jim’s demeanor made the project fun. He has a love of what he does and it shows in his enthusiasm and “can do” attitude. In the end, along with Jim, whose leadership and good natured prodding earned our gratitude, we accomplished our goal of updating our home to equal its location. And in addition we made what I’m sure is a lifelong friend.

Thank you Jim for everything,

Dave and Wini Strutt
North Shore Rd
Lake Arrowhead, CA

My father began working with Jim in 1983 when he remodel our home in Lake Arrowhead. Jim was then asked to come down from the mountain to build my father’s office in Beverly Hills in 1985. Since those years the family has continued a relationship with Williamson Construction for a variety of improvement and maintenance projects.

In the summer of 2012 I remodeled and upgraded the Beverly Hills office. The contractor and subs commented on the prior work which was all completed under the watchful eye of Jim Williamson. Our relationship with Williamson Construction now spans decades and generations.

William Ahmanson

We hired Jim Williamson for a major project to remodel our main floor. The project included a new kitchen, new bathroom, new laundry room, replacing windows and sliding doors, repairing water damage, replacing two decks, and new flooring. This was a major project, requiring development of plans and a project timetable, demolition of existing rooms, performing the new construction, coordinating purchases from several suppliers, and managing work performed by sub-contractors.

Jim did everything we asked for in this project, and he and his crew did a great job of keeping us informed, managing the project, and completing it as promised. We were so pleased with the results, that we subsequently hired Jim to remodel our lower level and to replace the remaining original windows and doors. This was also completed as promised with beautiful results.

Our experience is that Jim has the knowledge, experience and capability to perform major remodeling projects, and that he does what he promises. We would not hesitate to use Jim again.

George and Ann Tucker
Lake Arrowhead, California

When Jim asked us to write a testimonial, we looked at each other and said, “this’ll be easy!” Why? Because we know no other contractor (not a single other contractor) that we would recommend unconditionally. Jim’s ethics are our own; he’s honest, meticulous, knowledgable and his prices are fair. He’s done a number of jobs for us both large and small and in every case we have been super-pleased with the finished product.

Bill and Mary Beth Nelson
Marketing Consultants

It was our privilege to select James A. Williamson Construction Inc. for the purpose of building our new dream garage this year, which is located in the Lake Arrowhead area. We found Jim and his Company to be innovative, enthusiastic and thoroughly competent. He is conscientious, has great attention to detail, punctual, hard working with impressive expertise.

You will indeed be fortunate to have Jim Williamson as your Contractor of choice. We enthusiastically recommend him and his Company and believe he will more than meet your expectations…knowing that he’ll not just be able to repeat his past achievements, but confident that he is very worthy of your serious consideration.

Billie Hendrixson and Sam Drake
Satisfied Customers

John and I can never thank you enough for our beautiful home! From the beginning of the project to the end, your expertise and professionalism was appreciated. Taking a home down to the bare walls and starting over from top to bottom, roofing, siding, decks, plumbing, electrical, flooring, two new bedrooms suites and then a new story garage was quite a job. Your subs were all craftsmen and today we have a home to be proud of.

The cabinetry, wood work, stone fireplace, granite and tile throughout the home are some of my favorite features. We also thank you for all your great ideas and suggestions; bathrooms with each bedroom suite was a winner with all family members.

Walking up from our dock at Lake Arrowhead and seeing such a lovely home and knowing the home is our “McCulloch Manor”, is wonderful. A complete remodel along with additions can be quite trying for the homeowner; you made it a pleasant experience.

John & Susan McCulloch
Lake Arrowhead, California

This letter is written to let you know how much our family appreciates all the top-notch work you have done for us in the past. When we had the house fire this past summer that nearly totaled our cabin in Twin Peaks you were there on the scene almost immediately to assess the damage and board up the doors and windows. You then worked very closely with the insurance adjuster and the many subcontractors to completely rebuild our cabin. We think our cabin is now the classiest place in the area.

Thanks again Jim.
Gene Covey

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jim Williamson of Williamson Construction as a contractor who is capable, intelligent, and knowledgeable. His store of knowledge kept me from making a couple of bad mistakes in the expansion of the bathroom and the laundry area as we worked together to solve the problems that always arise in the course of a project.

Jim is also aware of budget issues and does not waste time, money or materials. His scheduling of the subcontractors made for a smooth continuum of the project. It was beautifully choreographed. And his subcontractors are the best. The work is top quality and areas that needed an artist’s touch are perfect. The tile job in the shower is beautiful. The tile man used an artist’s eye to make a shower that is beautiful and interesting. The plumber solved a difficult plumbing problem with speed and simplicity.

I am very pleased with the result. All inspections passed on the first visit. I am positive that there will be no callbacks. I highly recommend Williamson Construction.

Ken & Virgie Witte